Do You Really Love Dogs?

June 29, 2009 11:36am CST
Well I DO LOVE DOGS! They are soooooo cute!!! Especially i love puppies :D Labradors.. he he he he :P Anyway.. You must be surprised to know that.. I DON'T HAVE A PET! Yet I love dogs.. Why? Because I like them.. They Obey!! Write Here about why you love dogs, Why you love your dog!, and Well.. About Your Dog!! *LOVING DOGGIES ALL MY LIFE*
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• Philippines
30 Jun 09
Yes, of course I LOVE DOGS.!!!I'm a dog lover also. We have five dogs at home. Namely: Shandy, tuffy, mitichi,sparky and kolot. One night when we are about to sleep they make noise because one stranger tried to climb at the fence. The noise they did was just an alarm for us and also for the stranger to stop what he is doing that thing.They were very sweet. They rest their head over my feet when they make "lambing" and after they eat. Everytime I got home they were the first one waiting at the gate.They have their own plate,bed,tootbrush,tootpaste,clothes/accessories and so on.
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