Reviewstream Deleted Reviews and Amount Owing

@threnos (216)
June 29, 2009 3:15pm CST
I have a friend who has been submitting reviews to a site known as reviewstream. This friend was put on automatic review approval. She used to have to wait for her review to be published but after this she was accepted automatically. She had cashed out a few times. When the site added a 'check your submission status' page she checked it and found she had money owing the site. She never received an email or any notification that she owed them money at all. When she contacted them they were fairly rude and said that she owed them because some of her reviews were useless and had to be deleted. My friend could not remember this ever being mentioned before. She has read and reread the terms and conditions but they never stated that they would delete reviews suddenly and would then expect their money paid back to them. She also always checked the box stating that she was willing to receive payment via the bulk rate, which is 40 cents. She never asked to be on automatic approval and assumed that she would be told if there was a problem and taken off of it. She was taken off without any word from reviewstream and without any notification of why and that she was owing money. Since this was never a term in reviewstreams terms of conditions and also never in the FAQ is it right for them to have never contacted her about this matter?
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@earnnings (1297)
• India
30 Jun 09
Hi threnos, Yeah thats a very bad experience with your friend with review stream. Once i wrote a review and submitted to them. We get mail of acceptance or refusal to our mail id that we provide to them. I never got any mail from them and i don't know whether my review is accepted by them or not. I was in dilemma so i didn't work for them. I have faced several other problems with them and i never attempted to write reviews for them. They keep on saying that the reviews are useless and they don't want them. This is not only me but there are many others who face problems with them. But as you have said about your friend, it is very wrong with them. They have published your friend's reviews and now they deleted them and ask for the money. come they go against to their own rules and regulations. Anyways happy mylotting :)