it is possible to make 50 pound from 20p according to the royal mint

June 29, 2009 3:57pm CST
On the news today the royal mint have announced that they have released over 100,000 20 pence coins without the year they were made on. This was an accident and they are now deemed a rare coin, they are offering 50 pound to anyone who has a 20 p coind without a date on it, would you sell yours back to them straight away or would you keep it for about 10 - 20 years in the hope that you could make more money out of it
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29 Jun 09
I saw this as well and it is The London Mint Office (no connection to the Royal Mint) who are willing too pay £50.00 for each one. I honestly think I would sell it to them as cash in the hand now is much nicer than what it may be worth in the future and there is no guarantee that it will be worth more in the future. The annoying thing for me is I took about £20.00 worth of 20p coins to the bank just a week ago and am now wondering if I may have had one in there, lol.
@jazzsue58 (2668)
29 Jun 09
Yes, it is - a small batch of 20p pieces were minted with no 2009 date on them. The £50 is just what one place is buying them for. The last time it happened was with some 2p pieces - they went for a lot more as so few of them made it into circulation. The Mint tends to find its mistakes quite quickly! Apparently, this latest one was an error resetting the machines when they reversed the side the date is stamped on. Hmmm. Doncha think it more likely that impoverished Royal Mint employees are making these mistakes deliberately, to put "a little something by" for their retirement? I do!
@jwfarrimond (4475)
29 Jun 09
I'd hang on to it. It's likely to be worth a lot more than £50 in the future especially if the mint takes as many as they can out of circulation. The more that they take out, the more the ones left will be worth.