Bernie Madoff's sentence? How would you punish him?

United States
June 29, 2009 7:18pm CST
Bernie Madoff got 150 years in prison for running the most elaborate ponzi scheme in history of the universe!!!! Do you think it's enough? How would you punish him if you were the judge?
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@saw2207 (1359)
• United States
30 Jun 09
Bernie is going away forever....he will never see the light of day..nor will he see his grandchildren and from what i read he will never see his sons again. His fate is sealed and everyday that he wakes and goes to sleep he will lose the memory of the pima Cotton sheets 1000 thread, and the tailored suits he doned everyday. I think that everyday he wakes will be a living hell for him . and not only because his new accommodations are nothing even close to what he was used to...he will never take a walk without shackles and he will never have a free thought again. He will rot in his cell and have to think of all the people and their lives that he ruined. and one day he will go and he will meet his maker . .and that is when the real punishment will start. they say that this is just the end of the beginning. . in the weeks to come I have a feeling we will see many more falling and some may be heading to his cell area! Greed . . is all i can think at the moment. . and how evil greed truly is