The Power of Mind Over Matter - Matters

@bang323 (102)
June 29, 2009 8:14pm CST
The whole concept of mind over matter has been reproduced almost religiously with Hollywood and such, but the whole precept of it has been glamorised too much and made to believe that individuals with high resilience and facing some sort of adversity can unlock the power of the mind and do some wonderful things. This however is not true, and anyone can actually be the one who has the power of the mind and bend matter to their will. There is no story behind this, no script written in some basement in Hollywood - this is a reality that you need to wake up to. The thing about the human mind is that it is capable of so much more than we believe it to be and one thing you need to realise that every day, it is being limited by something that you did not even realise was there. What the mind is being limited by is of course ourselves, the human element, chocking the inner workings of the brain. So, if the problem lies within us, how exactly are we going to resolve this? Well the only answer to this would be to actually assess the human element as see what can be done. The thing that is limiting the brain is actually everything that we have learned when we were young and because of this, the subconscious mind has a very large hold on the associations and mental limitations that itself has placed there due to the experiential elements when the mind was still young and within the production stage. So we need to actually reprogramme the subconscious mind and previous methods like hypnosis and simple meditation were simply not enough to crash through the barriers of the brain. Currently, the technology that we have, called brainwave entrainment or using the power of binaural beats, is the latest and greatest technology for us to get through to the subconscious and make some headway into the whole game of unleashing the power of the mind. It is also called synchronising the brain to a position where it reaps the most benefit for a particular situation. For one thing, did you know that the time just before and after you sleep is when the brain retains the most information and is able to learn and retain languages and complicated data as well? To actually do this, you need to bring out the correct cortical response within the brain so that the neurons fire in sync with this particular brainwave (delta or theta). You do not have to be nearing sleep to do so, all you need is to use the binaural beats, engineered sound waves that cause a frequency disruption when introduced sub sonically into the ears and thus producing a wavelength beyond normal listening but can be picked up by the cortical. The cortical within the brain will then reproduce this wavelength and thus you have the ability within just a few minutes. The power of mind over matter can now be a reality, not some Hollywood fantasy in a cinema.
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@saw2207 (1359)
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30 Jun 09
As Dr Seuss once said . . [i]Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind dont matter and those who matter dont mind. [/i] I know it sounds easier than it is .. . but it true we do not use one iota of what our brain is capable of. . . .kinda like out computer . I am sure half the people using computers do not have a clue of how many other ways they could be using their machines . . Mind over matter is very powerful