Train Your Puppy to Sit With Positive Reinforcement

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June 29, 2009 8:16pm CST
A dog with no training can be an annoyance and can be a danger to themselves and even the people around him. You should start training young and teaching a puppy to sit is one of the most basic things you need to start with. Use positive reinforcement. Shouting, hitting, and screaming may create fear, and in the end will only make the dog lose respect for you. Get the dog to understand the command. Give the instruction "Sit" several times and then push their behind to the ground. After four or five times give them a treat. Don't give them a treat every time, and don't give it to them at exact intervals. Only give them a treat randomly so that they don't know when to expect it. Give your dog praise. Dogs can pick up the tone in our voices every bit as much as humans can. Make sure to praise your dog profusely even when you don't give him or her a treat. The goal is to make sure that they associate the behavior with a good result. Never train a dog when you are in a bad mood. Training should not be a chore and should be a bonding process between you and your animal. If you are in a bad mood and this causes you to scold your dog then it will defeat the purpose. When you do want to discipline your dog be gentle about it by taking hold of them from the scruff of the back of the neck and holding them while sternly saying "No" or "Bad." Do it in a stern, but not angry voice.
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30 Jun 09
This was a great post! I enjoyed reading it and learned from it as well! I will try it with my dog as he likes to get into things...when he does I usually get upset and tell him to go outside. I will have to try the scuff of the neck and being firm with him to see how that goes.... Thanks and happy mylotting!