The Anonimity and Divinity of Lakewood church (The Tears of Joel Osteen) part 1

United States
June 29, 2009 8:36pm CST
I have been going to Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas which is the largest church in the US. It averages 45,000 parishoners per week. Im not sure what i was expecting when I start going there, by training Im a black nationalist though I consider myself to have an open mind. Of course, I have seen Osteen on TV and I remember seeing his father also. I did not pay much attention to his father but I know must have at least watched one of his sermons in full one time. I haphazardly without investigation branded his father as a tv firebrand. One of those ministers who talked a great game but was only worried about the bottom line of green. Maybe it was fate or maybe just spiritual timing that made me look at Joel more. Whatever the case, I ended up listening and paying attention to what he had to say. What struck me first is the orderliness of the process of going there. You would think a 10000 to 150000 people event would be a nightmare. But the process is orderly. The parking and walk into the building, to me, adds to the journey of trying to connect with God. You have to make an effort to go. You have to be prepare to wait in car lines and throng through a moving, orderly crowd of people. The ushers and parking attendants are always in place to guide you where to go. Kids life is a major feature also. Ist basically an amusement park with spiritual process for your kids while your church. One key is you participate in all the things while remaining relatively anonymous. Next time Ill talk about that.
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