For how many hours can you play a video game non-stop?

@lynnemg (4536)
United States
June 29, 2009 10:41pm CST
I am not a big gamer at all. I would much rather sit here at my computer than stare at a screen and plat a game. My husband, on the other hand can sit in frint of a video game for hours and hours on end. Today, he went to work at 6 am and got home at almost 6 pm. He did a few little things that he needed to do and has been sitting in front of his game ever since. I bet he has sat there for a good three and a half hours already tonight. On the weekends, he can sit even longer and often does. This used to really bother me, but since I am normally busy with my own thigns, it doesn't phase me so much anymore. Anyway, my question to all of you long can you sit or have you sat in front of a vidseo game playing? Does it bother your parner?
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• India
4 Sep 09
I don,t like video games at all so i can not sit in front of a computer for playing video games for a minute also. It really irrtates me.
@killersss (638)
• India
4 Sep 09
i am a casual gamer but i love playin new games and when i get a new game i play that game for long n long hours may b the whole day as well. i hav a call of duty modern warfare i hav completed that game more than 10 times now but still i love playin that game again and again and also the gta san andreas i can't get bored of these games forever. i can play video games for non stop 24 hours :) lol. yes that's true. i just love playin games. i just can't live without video games.
@OR3OsBOD (31)
• United States
16 Jul 09
well the longest i ahve played a game strait is about 9 hours and i mean non stop no food or bathroom. im being serious.
@mal6884 (37)
• United States
9 Jul 09
O I pwn all on this one FF online 14 hrs non stop. Started with five friends and the last one of them left after 12 we went up something like 30 lv's.
@ronnyb (6117)
• Jamaica
8 Jul 09
Well i am not an avid video game player but I have been known to play computer games for an entire day with only two half hour breaks for lunch and dinner.if playing video games is the same thing then I would like to think that i can do the same thing for video games
@dhowarth (113)
• United States
8 Jul 09
Well I am in college, and if the weather is bad outside and I am playing with my friends, I could play a game for 10+ hours. I think my most straight is 12 or something like that. But I can only do that with my friends. If I am playing by myself I can't play for more than 3 or so maybe 4. 5 is pushing it.
@flaredust (728)
• Indonesia
30 Jun 09
If we talking about video game, for the player time is doesn't count much, that's why gamer could sit down playing video game for hours. I'm also a gamer, even my wife also like to play video game and sometime play along with me, but she's not the type of game addicted person . For me it's different, I'm person addicted with video game. In my busy day, after the end of work hour I usually play 3-4 hours. But in the weekend or holiday the time could expanded until 7 hours. My wife doesn't bothered by that, she knows all about me, it's just my hobby. But as information, not everyday and every weekend I'm playing video game, sometime I also doing something else .