is she really back with chris brown???

United States
June 29, 2009 11:24pm CST
i heard on the television that rihanna had gotten back with chris brown even after the beating that he gave her. dont you think she had enough beating? you would have thought that she learned her lesson. what is up with that? poor woman good think that now she has taken him to court and they have given him a sentencing. do you think rihanna should get back with chris brown?
3 responses
• United States
28 Jul 09
i realy don't know i try not to belive every thing on the news some times they make it worres.
• Malaysia
30 Jun 09
I don't think Rihanna should get back with Chris brown. Because if he beat her once, he will do it again. maybe next time even worst. She might end up in hospital with serious injuries.
• Philippines
30 Jun 09
I think just weeks after the beating, rihanna and chris brown had again reconciled...well, when i first hear the news, I was kinda frustrated about it...On the other hand, its her she can do what she wants. i hope she is really with the consequences of her action.