percentage of real friends you have on facebook

United States
June 29, 2009 11:46pm CST
what is the percentage of your real friends on your facebook page? like if you have 100 facebook friends, how many real friends do you really have?
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@shnsun (196)
1 Jul 09
Before i used to add anyone i am who request me as friend and i used to accept it all so i had more than 250 friends. But think only about 75 were real friend. My profile became untidy with it. There was always the posts of unknown people mostly. So i made a new profile and now i have about 90 friends and most are real friends and some other i know them but i haven't talk to them. Overall i have about 90% of real friends now. How much do u have? HAPPY MYLOTTING!!
@gamer001 (15)
• Canada
30 Jun 09
well on facebook, I have 200 friends and I know almost every single one of them, but its because Im still in highschool, but in the future i might add some that i do not know. It all depends on the person, if your a kind of person that only needs to talk to peple he knows then the probley only have people who they actualy know on it, but if they talk to alot of people then maybe they have a lot of unknown facebook users that they have never met.
• India
30 Jun 09
haing friends is the name of the game on socialnetworking forums And you aim in getting freinds on the face book decides there number ther is a limit in haveing real "personal" fiends whom do you know personally but having real "friends "on face book of like minded individuals and to have them as much as possible is threal grind of the whole community forum idea of all the social networking sites If your isea is to hav a simple friends circle for chatting ,gossiping,or sharing the ideas then a limited number of friends would do but if the idea is to spread some very vital information or knowledge or appeal or of the sorts then the greater the number the better it is Similarly for the purposes of inhancing your onlike business opprtunity the greater the number of thefriends that you have the better it would be for you I have few friends on the face book but I do not understand the "percentage "part of it Is it the percentage of total community onthe face book or it is something else ? Or it is the percentage of the real friends out of the total number of the friends that you have on the facebook/ Well I fail to figure our and then whom one would describe as a "real" friend? Here on these forums except a few all are indirect unknown relationships that is the beauty of these type of forums you do not even know whether the identity as revealed on the forums iscorrect or not male or female etc/ That is the adventure in joining such forums and then who cares as long as one gets the stream of connectivity and corressponding communication in place? Aall the bet buddiy my all comunity member s in my lot are my potentially real friend and now the percentage could be calculated I belong to all by virtue of being member of this wonderful forum and they all belong to me So in this context ,I have about 200.000 friends in the real sense and they all belong to me and I to them Sound funny but it is the truth!! You are also my friend by virtue of being the member of the great mylot forum OK let us celeberate friendship congraats would you? thanks