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June 30, 2009 11:30am CST
I love watching the travel channel as travelling is one of my passions in life. I happened to watch a very interesting festival that happens in Norway every year. Basically there is this big supermarket chain store that has what they call the annual "Beat the Odds" competition. Last year they set up a game in which participants choose to either walk away with 1,000 euros worth of shopping vouchers or they shop around the mall within 10 minutes and whatever they can jam in the shopping cart has to equal to or be greater than 10,000 euros. But the catch is they have to do that in the nude!!! and they have to get the goods from different stores in the mall and not the same store. If you chose to do the running around a shopping mall in the nude and managed to rake up goods worth 10,000 in 10 minutes then not only do you keep the goods but you get an additional 50,000 euros. Now if you've been to Norway in the winter you will know that the country is soooo cold!! when I was there last year the temperature dropped to a miserable -17 degrees which is beyond freezing. The competition only takes place in the cold winter time. So far nobody has managed to beat the odds since the competition started just about 3 years ago. One bloke made it to only 4 minutes and couldn't stand the cold! I found it so strange as there is no way in hell I would run around freezing Norway in the nude!! Have you ever heard of weird stuff like this from different countries? Would you sign up for this if you were given the chance?
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@divkris (1156)
• India
30 Jun 09
ewe that is really weird! Well i think the mall is being playing a trick because it is aware of the fact that no one can actually do this task but it does increase its popularity but also its customers! I remember that there was an open invite from the producer of a horror movie - if a person can sit through the movie till the end all alone in a deserted movie theater then he/she gets to win 1 crore rupees :S That was a good offer but i don't think anybody really dared to try it :)