Buying more than 2 packets of painkillers

June 30, 2009 1:30pm CST
As a cashier its very frustrating when a customer tries to argue with you when you tell them that i can only sell them two packets of painkillers, usually the first thing to be said is, thats stupid. Well first of all it because the store doesn't have the licence to sell more than two packets of painkillers per customer, if it was up to the store they wouldn't have a limit, so there is no point arguing with the store. Secondly they argue that some packets are not painkillers they are something else that i can't remember name of, yet again if i scan the item and the warning box comes up that it is a painkiller item i have no authorisation to allow it to be sold, neither does the store so take it up with head office. Thirdly if having 2 packets of painkillers is not enough then clearly you need to see a doctor. I understand some are for the kids and other buying....whatever the point i'm making is , the cashier does not make this up on the spot, so dont waste your time arguing/complaining to the cashier because nothing will be done.
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2 Jul 09
well i don't see the point because they can just go to the next store down the road and buy 2 more until they buy however many they wanted in the first place. if it's an attempt to stop people from trying to kill themselves or something then really it's just a matter of time before they achieve their goal.
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@Wizzywig (7858)
30 Jun 09
Unfortunately, you are on the 'frontline'. It takes far less effort on the part of the customer to moan at the cashier than to take the matter up with management/head office/government department. I'm sure some people go shopping just so they can find someone to complain to - cashiers are sitting targets for them, because they know you have to be polite to them...
30 Jun 09
yep we are the last people you get to once you pick your food, so anything that annoys you in the shop we get it. And i stop being polite if they are rude...treat others like you want to be treated