I had an issue with one of my assistants paychecks today.

@cripfemme (7713)
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June 30, 2009 4:37pm CST
My assistants get paid every other Friday. I send the timesheets into a company that does the billing. One of my assistants was missing her check on Friday. This is not uncommon. The people who do my billing mess up frequently. I called on Monday before the orthopedist and waited on hold for 17 minutes. The last thing I wanted to do before going to the orthopedist which was scary enough anyway. They said that her timesheet had gotten kicked out by the computer which also happens all the time (although I've never heard of it). Then, they said this morning that there was an issue because one of my other assistants had put her social security number on the assistant with the missing paycheck timesheet. This resulted in the first assistant being paid twice and the second not at all. I don't see how this could have happened. And if it did, it was completely accidental. I'm not blaming anyone. Now, the company tells me that they have to go in and remove the second person's money from the first person's account. I told them that was okay. But, I also asked that I be sent the timesheets so I could inspect them myself. I don't really have that much faith in my billing people. If, by now, you're asking why I have them then it's because I don't have a choice. When I move to Boston, which is hopefully occurring in the next few months when housing gets back to me, I will happily have a new fiscal intermediary (billing department). I'm hoping that they'll be better than the ones I currently have. I don't see how they could get much worse. I think it would save the state a whole lot of money if they would just let me write the checks myself. There's a class you can go to to do this but it's 200 hours over three months at very weird times, and I don't want to have to go through all that if I don't have to. This is not the sort of thing where I'm asking them to turn me lose with $18,000 (the approximate cost of my care program). They could send someone over twice a month and watch me write a check to each person. Then, they wouldn't have to employ all those accountants who can't seem to do anything right anyway. I'm a little frustrated.
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@KrauseHome (36750)
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26 Sep 09
Sounds like you definately have a right to be FRUSTRATED, and hope that you have been able to solve some of these issues by now. You would save a lot of time and $$ if you could do things like this by yourself, but then since there is always so much Red Tape to go thru it might not be so easy as well. All I can say is I hope things are going better in this respect for you now.