craving for chocolates

June 30, 2009 7:23pm CST
Since childhood my strong craving for chocolates is always part of my daily struggles hehehe! As of now I can somehow fight it but after a week or two my will is again defeated. How do you control your strong craving for chocolates?
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@Wink24 (167)
• Philippines
1 Jul 09
hello. i love chocolates too but i don't eat chocolates everyday. maybe a way of controlling the crave for chocolate try to manage your routine about when will you eat chocolates, if it's not effective, try not to buy it.hahaha simple yet has sense right? in addition that hoping it would help you control your crave for chocolate is that too much is always bad, and too much eating of chocolates can cause you sickness since it's too sweet, except for the black chocolates.hehe but the point is, too much is bad. happy mylotting
• Philippines
1 Jul 09
Thanks for that piece of advice. Actually that's what I have been doing already. Everytime I go to a dept store I try my best not to pass by any choclates section. with GOd's help it somehow helped me hahaha! Happy mylotting too!
@besthope44 (12135)
• India
7 Sep 10
I love cadbury very much. I always have them filled in my fridge with all type of cadburies. I always feel i am excited when i take one cadbury.
@shazz282 (177)
• New Zealand
6 Aug 09
I love chocolate, I never use to as a child but after having kids I gained a real bad sweet I have to have lollies & chocolate on a weekly basis. Just this week though I have been trying to break the habit somewhat by making other alternatives such as toffee & hokey pokey for the lollie cravings & afghan biscuits for the chocolate cravings.
@skayzer (41)
• Sri Lanka
1 Jul 09
My Life motto : "Sacrifice short term pleasures for long term gains" Helps ALOT of the time :) I usually don't go out of my way to buy chocolates then again I don't actually have cravings for chocolates. There are times I have not eaten chocolates for about 3-4 months. No bigy. :) Any way bout my motto; save up the money U spend on chocolates on some thing longer lasting and more costly. Remember the taste U get from chocolates last only for a little while, then it's gone!I personally aim to obtain things that have a long lasting period.
@zearah (5382)
• Philippines
1 Jul 09
I eat chocolate every minute. Whenever there's new brought by my friends I cannot help myself not to eat. Well I'm thin and never been fat but chocolate effects in my health not bad so far 'coz never I experience of dizziness or any sickness due to eating chocolates. So I won't stop my habit of eating yummy chocolates.
@snowy22315 (104867)
• United States
1 Jul 09
I let myself eat them because choclater is really pretty good for you. especially of the dark variety. I think there are some chocolates that are not so good for you but other ones are no as good for you. I do like dark chocolater and find it full of antioxidants.