cheating is so wrong!!!

United States
June 30, 2009 10:02pm CST
i am tired of people cheating.i hate when i'm in luv but can't trust men,because they cheat.don't get me wrong,women cheat 2,but im not gay.i don't like women,so im talking about a man.we hang out but he act so different when other girls and his friends are around. sometimes,i just want 2 say "4 get u" but something tell me 2 work it out. i don't want to work it out,this is his 4th time i gave him,i deserve better than ex want to get back wit me,and i broke-up with him because he went to jail,but he still love me,and i love him 2,but i also luv the boy im with now as well. what do you think?
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