live your life ,your way!!!

United States
June 30, 2009 10:56pm CST
live your life,wealthy,healthy,wonderfully,and longfully. you need to live,and stop worrying about other people,and the're problems. life is only what you make it,life goes on only how you control it. make a good impression for your family and kids/or who ever you take care of. if you live a good life,who ever u live wit,is most likely to do the same. and who wouldn't want they're family/or friends to be succussful in life. make a difference in life.the more you make a difference,people is going to see what u do,and probably will do the same,and it would be great for a big change. who would u want to make a change for??? what would you do to make that change??? responsed to the discussion,and tell me what you think. please,rate my discussion:)
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