What is Your Favorite Website for Freelance Writing?

@showpup (232)
United States
July 1, 2009 7:04am CST
Since I'm forever hearing about new sites, I'd like to know what your favorite is and why? My favorites are ehow and Bukisa even though I write for several. Ehow has a one on one relationship with Google so has huge advantages. I also really enjoy the social aspect of the website. Other writers are very supportive. I've met many in person, even. I've been with them since Oct. 2007 Bukisa allows you to write on just about any topic you like so things that aren't suited for ehow go here for me. It's really quick and easy to post articles and they seem to be really generous with their ad sharing revenue. Add me to your friends list and send me a note if you join either site. I'll do the same for you if I join those you share. eHow - http://www.ehow.com/members/showpup Bukisa - http://www.bukisa.com/join/676
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@daliaj (5681)
• India
1 Jul 09
I don't really have a favorite website for freelance writing. I worked with contentwriter.com for sometime, but I was not happy about their pay. What they paid was only for me to pay for the electricity and internet connection I used to do the work. So, I quit from them. One of my friends used getafreelancer.com. She was lucky enough to get paid for her projects. There is a lot of cheating happening in this area. Thanks for sharing the links. I will look into that whenever I can find sometime.
@radhika14 (160)
• India
1 Jul 09
hii its a good site bukisa.com. Can you tel me more about it??what type of article do u post in it??
@TrvlArrngr (4051)
• United States
1 Jul 09
My favorite sites so far is mylot and textbroker. That is where I make the most money. I am a member of ehow for about a month now. I like how easy it is but I guess it takes time to start earning money. I only made 4.05 for June. I belong to associated content but am not too impressed with that one. I am trying to get my kids to start doing some writing too. But its too close to school work so they dont want to do it.