is life really soo complicated?or do we make it?

July 1, 2009 2:53pm CST
why is life so complicated?full of miseries, obstacles and blah blah blah... why isn't it simple and full of happiness. hope it had been a bit more easier to live life.. okay please leave your response
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@shnsun (196)
2 Jul 09
Complexity and simplicity and are the two sides of sames coin. In life we get both happiness and sorrows and we must face both of them. But mostly i think life is really complicated. We face many obstacles throughout the life.We face obstacles in the student life thinking of happy life in future but after this life we again get new responsibilities and new obstacles in life. We get many dissatisfaction, miseries. We don't get what we need at all times. Thinking of these obstacles life do seems complicated but what i also think is it depenps upon how we take life. If we take life as positively we don't find it much complicated and life seems difficult if they think it so.. ..
2 Jul 09
thanx for the response bro i liked it very much!!1 after all that thinking it paid off!!! i hope i learned something today that we can never succeed in life without obstacles.. if there is no obstacles then lifes not worth living for..and every thing would be lame.. so no i wont worry about life.. if i want happiness then ill fight for it... and i know that u guys will always be ther for me.thanx alot.. happy mylotting...
@melon007 (32)
• United States
1 Jul 09
I personally believe that you life is what you make of it. If you are always thinking negatively or worrying about things, you are going to have a harder life because you are attracting what you are worrying about. If you wake up every morning and are greatful for what you have and are always trying to stay positive, more good things will come to you. It is really not that complicated at all.
2 Jul 09
yah u r rite!!! thanx for ur nice response melon007 i really appreciate it!!! okie i'll try to be calm and peaceful ... i hope happiness would come to me itself.. thanx and happy mylotting!!!
@delkar (1716)
• Romania
28 Sep 09
I really think that all the miseries are made just for money . If we all had a lot of money , we`ll all be happier , but this can`t be done not in a million years from now on. That`s the life, like in the jungle , who`s strong survive, who`s not , will die . In people world ,who it`s smart , will have a lot of money , who`s not and who`s lazy will be so poor . That`s the sistem . We can`t have all a lot of money . Some have more and some less . Sure there are a lot of people in the middle , but thouse from the top, i mean here thouse who are rich are the most mediatised .
@EliteUser (3968)
• Australia
28 Sep 09
Hello, I actually think that many people often make their life far too complicated for themselves, and then they complain that they hate life. I think that we all should live simple lives, and try not to worry about the everyday stress. Make sure you have a good day, God bless and Happy Lotting!!
@nzalheart (2339)
• India
6 Jul 09
Hello passionkiller!!! Well this world moves on with the duality principle. By dualism I mean there are always two opposing things in this world. For emample, dark and light, day and night, positive and negative, Good and bad, happiness and sadness. Now without the existence of one, other does not exist. And therefore happiness does not exist without sadness. What do you say for the question why are you happy? well the good answer can be because you are not sad. Imagine if there was always happiness and happiness in this world, will you really be happy? No. Happiness is not constant. When the level of happiness decrease then the sadness is there, and similarly you are happy when the level of happiness is higher... If you study the Buddhist philosophy. you will find that Life is said to be a suffering. There is suffering and this is one of the four noble truths is Buddhism. Fear is suffering, pain is suffering, frustrations are suffering and there are many more. Now you may be thinking that Buddhism is very much pessimistic religion. But No. It is not so. They are so much optimistic that they learn to overcame the sufferings, get rid of sufferings and lead into the life of full satisfactions. I hope this helped. Happy mylotting...