How much do you pay for youe computer when you buy it?

@icesmile (7160)
July 1, 2009 3:34pm CST
Cheaper or expensive we like this screens so much, are so important for us. Are people who make a lot of efforts to can to buy a computer, are countryes when is really hard to achive a many efforts do you make to buy a new computer? How much you can pay for a new computer?
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@phayeth (519)
• Philippines
6 Jul 09
well, i bought it parts by parts.. so i have a bit of savings.. :D hehehe.. just bought my tower.. (cpu) for like around 8,000.00 php
@SoaD_123 (112)
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
5 Jul 09
i buy computer about two years and i paid around 1100$,now for that money i could can bought a hundred times better :(
@net_ankit (643)
• India
4 Jul 09
You are asking this question here when I am going to buy new computer as soon as possible. Well If the question is that how much I pay for computer purchase then Its different from country to country and city to city. and offcourse important thing is time to time. Rates are always change with technology upgrade,Whenever Newer Technology comes in market, older will be availabe at decrease rate. so no fix answer.
• India
3 Jul 09
in India price of computers siffer from state to atate and also vary accordin to ssem configuration.
@tonyllenium (6260)
• Italy
1 Jul 09
i think when i want buy anew laptop or desktop i think i like much more expensive..such as i am not really interested in cheaper one may be becaus ei have some needs that can be linked to the normal or private users so i need more functionalities as regards pc!! Normally i check for powerful processor and so as you cna guess processor are one of the most expensive thing when you buy a new computer nd so also addictional features as wi-fi,bluettoth compatibility,good memory ram and hard disk,may be i can sve something on graphic it depends but i think normally i look for high range..also bevcause i will count that that laptop or desktop will be the same for much years so you should take one good even from an ahrdware point of view as so the total cost you must divide for years and so it cna become not so much too..surely if you cange it once every 2 years or few it can become a big buy!!
@marty3888 (2360)
• Acme, Michigan
1 Jul 09
Cheaper. In fact, two of my three laptops have been purchased on e-bay. The third, the one I'm using now was bought at a computer repair shop. I paid $160.00 for this one and this is my best one.