wednesday 1st july 2009

July 1, 2009 3:35pm CST
my guy been lying to me nonstop...wat e **** he tryin to do tis??he say tat 2day he suppose to back in camp at 2130hrs....we went out 4 awhile n chill at forum coffeebeans.afta chat 4 e while he say he wanna go to e toilet.1/2hrs den he back...wat e hell he duin tere?anw afta e few mins..he say he hv to go bk to camp...n i suggest 4 him to take bus or i send him by cab.but he insist to take e train.1/2hrs ltr he say he reach at his camp..but my instinct tel me his i ask my sis n her hubby to send me hme.i change my shoes.n went off to clarke quay mit my gf.n tere he was..sittin happily gettin himself drunk.i knw afta tat he wil move on to club..tat wat he always do.i walked pass by him..n he get totally shock.n i ask him i tot u in camp??he reply...'**** off'go wat shld i do??everybody ask to leave him...but e decision still lies wit me....hw to teach tis idiot??
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• Singapore
2 Jul 09
Guys will always be guys we can never understand girls but in life bad things always happen from time to time so we have to learn from our mistakes and move on. I always say it possible to change sand to glass and stone to diamond. The only thing is how long you gonna wait and do you know how. So if in case you don't want to wait for a stone to change to a diamond then by all means find a diamond and save all the trouble you are putting on yourself into. God made us all special in ways we could never understand as he showed you your boyfriend true colors. Use your instinct you will find a way.