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July 1, 2009 3:55pm CST
The other day I heard about ReviewStream. I searched in google and wanted to know if this site is a scam or genuine. I found replies of both parties; the winners and losers. Some people claimed they have been paid by reviewstream, others say they have been cheated. So, I gave it a try. Before going for that, I read the FAQs, TOS and some reviews published in the site. They have two active rate, if a review is accepted then you will get $2, if you want to be paid at its bulk rate, you will get one fourth of the actual rate ($0.40). Payout target is $50. ReviewStream claims "even though your review is not acceptable and of poor quality, we are still willing to buy it, but, at a bulk rate". But what I experienced there was very miserable.....it rejecting every review even if you write it with utmost care! They have a two answer template that they use to reject your review every time. These two templates read as..."we are not interested in it" and "your review is not specific enough". But their guideline says.."you can write on ANY subject, even your girlfriend/boyfriend may be a subject! Then what do they mean by "we are not interested in it"? Very sad that people cheat in this way and make us waste our valuable times. Whatever others say, I WILL SAY....myLot is the BEST.
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@jlamela (4905)
• Philippines
4 Aug 09
That's what I experienced too when I submitted my two reviews for the first time. They immediately reject it because they said: "we are not interested on it", I was stunned because it says on their FAQ that they are buying any kind of reviews including your review about your "boss" or "boyfriend" so how can they reject it. Then I reconstruct my reviews and submit it again and bingo!they accepted it and paid me 2 dollars each. Then I figured out that if you put a wrong format of product title like for example "Fern-C is an excellent vitamin C" that is wrong and immediately rejected but if you say thing like this "Fern-C vitamin" then it will be accepted. Right now I am having my first payout and I am glad I reached the minimum threshold and got to enjoy my earning. I am buying a new TIMEX watch for this earning. wheeew!nice experience with reviewstream.com
• Singapore
5 Sep 09
I do too experience the 'we are not interested on it' and the 'not specific enough'. When u said u reconstruct your review, what were the changes u made other than the title? Mind msging me? I do not know how to subscribe to a discussion =X. I have a review but it was twice. How long did u take to reach 50$? Good luck guys.
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