Hey girls, what if your lover is not rich? Are you really greedy?

July 1, 2009 10:36pm CST
We love each other for more than 4 years, and plan to marry next year. But sisters and friends around me congratulate me as "great girl" ,"naive baby" or even "little fool", just because my boyfriend is not rich, and his job is not so good and admirable as mine. I understand what they think, no, I have to understand their idea in such a society, in which people think money is the paramount reality. I still remember an consultency expert from Germany, who came here in March for a project, told me: 'Chinese girls are greedy.' What a terrible suprise to hear this from a foreign expert. '?? Why? Why do you think Chinese girls this way?'I asked surprisedly,of course with a little unpleasant mood, because I am a chinese girl. But he just gave a shrug and walked away. Then I thought a lot about what happened around me.There are two sad stories. Case 1: Boy and girl felt in love in university, Yes, they did love each other. But they had to part after graduation because the boy was not able to find a good job. The girl's family scouted about for a son-in-law who had a good job, a lot of money, houses, and it's better if he has a car. Both the girl and the boy were in great sorrow, and the girl has to face the marriage interview in rapid sequence. She finally chose one because she was too tired about that. Then they got married. But this is not like the fairy story which always ending like' the prince and princess lead a happy life from then on'. In this case, we can only hope 'love is educable.' Case 2: The girl's mother was opposed to the marriage of her daughter with a poor taxi driver, and tried to find any ways to break up the relationship. But the girl loved him so much and decided to have a baby first so that her mother may give up preventing them. However, her mother discoveried this when she pregnanted for 8 months. To my surprise she cheated her daughter, led her to the hospital and force her to have abortion. The baby was lost, but the girl at last married with the taxi driver but can not have a baby anymore... What a crazy mother, what terrible idea. What I understand now is that the parents are greedy. You taught your sons and daughters about greedy. You don't know what is love but only money. I suspect, is there still love exist in many marriage nowadays? I think the greatest happyness in life is love. Love between you and your lover,between you and your family. But terrible idea always affects happiness and distroys love. You are humanbeing, you can pursue your love and earn money, why stare at others money and make a exchange with your whole life happiness. Can you be happy without love and work but only with cash around you?
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