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July 1, 2009 11:59pm CST
How many of you have children who refuse to listen, and you have tried all those crap and bull methods such as 1,2,3 Magic and the like?Have you noticed that even consistency doesn't help with a child who has, say, oh, I don't know, ADHD?I have an eight year old who defies all authority, refuses to even pick up after herself, and yet she is on three different medications to help her regulate her attitude and make her a more desirable child to be around. Dealing with the Department of Human Services now, since my daughter wanted to get revenge on me for placing her in a psych ward after she tried to stab me in the back with a butterknife, they believe her every word, and insist that because she's admant in the lies that she is telling them, that we*my husband and I* need therapy and couples counseling. We only need couples therapy because our daughter, our once rainbow of the world, has placed a HUGE strain on our relationship, not to mention every fiber of our beings. It's not easy dealing with a child who has little or no respect for their parents. DHS doesn't seem to understand completely what my husband and I go through every single day...I have done what any normal parent would do when their child decides to get family services involved, I appealed their investigation. Surely they would have taken into account that our daughter decided that she was mad at her parents, so the only way to get back at them is to tell these nice doctors and nurses that you are severely abused...which is honestly laughable, since there is NOT ONE MARK on your entire body. SURELY these highly trained adults can defer an abused child from one that is just seeking sympathy and attention. HAHAHAHAHA. NOPE. Not one person used half a neuron while dealing with my daughter. They all lied on their reports, twisted my husband's and my words around to make it seem like we were these monsterous humans that enjoy inflicting pain on our children. So...what do you think?I know there are some honest CPWs our there, but the ones that we came across were just pushing the envelope when it came to doing a concise and thorough investigation on two parents who are trying to make a comfortable life for their children. Thanks for reading.
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• Philippines
9 Jul 09
I myself admit that i am bullish child before and change my attitude as i grow old. I like to tease my sister and brother until they cry. I am not going to let myself down and i like to fight with them. I think it is the way of the children. I see adults who still acts like little children, you know the immaturity is always there. The same way a woman or mother should treat their boyfriend or husband like a child. Well, this is the same way to show the real attitude that a person have. In my case I like to the test the limit of my parents patience. If I become calmn with their stoppable nagging and advices. It mean they are effective and if I never stop it mean I am up for challenges. But, now i am more mature and know the hardship parents have to deal with their children. It is a hard task and now i understand.
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• Thailand
2 Jul 09
I don't have more your information, but you are try softly talk with her and tell her that herfather and mother are very lovely her why her do that. I think, may be her think your parents didn't love her, i believe each children different not same, for i will not compare my son with other, although he isn't better. You must ask to yourselves that you want your child will come back to cofident to you.I brave to tell you because my son loves father more than me, because i am stricky, not spoil him, and sometimes hit him too. Now i will try to flexible and control temper, Hitting may be good for pasttime, but feedback is your child will become violent and more disobey you.