Is mobile phone a blessing or a curse for our daily lives?????Do comment

@hamza123 (981)
July 2, 2009 5:30am CST
My question is that our lifes have no doubtedly been changed by the science and technology and one of the inventions is the mobile phone.I am asking that what do u ppl think that is mobile phone a blessing or a curse.To me it is a blessing as it has brought the world and its members closer to each other and has removed the distances among the people.One can contact anyone at any time which was impossible in the past. But the mobile phone has some disadvantages as well such as its radiations are dangerous for the human health and the privacy of a person is also affected by it.Some young children play games on it for too long and their eye sight gets damaged or disturbed. So my question is that is a blessing or a curse????
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@thea09 (18305)
• Greece
2 Jul 09
I think the mobile phone is a bit of both. I don't like the way it makes you accessible all the time but it is really handy to have in case you break down in the car or when you are meeting someone and not sure of the way, then you can keep in contact. I only use it as a last resort and prefer to use the landline phone and simply keep the mobile downstairs when I don't want it as there is no reception for it there. But I do like the way both phones show the name of the caller.