If you don't like seeing something done to you, don't do it on others

@faisai (1138)
Hong Kong
July 2, 2009 9:48am CST
We love to see things happening according to our own likings and that if it deviates from our liking, we will feel annoyed and upset. But then, sometimes we forget that the thing we hate others doing so much is exactly the things that we do to others. For example, most people don't like to be disturbed by people talking loudly on the pone on the bus but there are just equally many of us who will exactly be talking that loudly. Life is fair, when we accuse others, we should first ask ourselves, are we already doing our part and that whatever we are accusing others, we aren't doing the same thing indeed?
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• Philippines
2 Jul 09
Yeah your right but I believe all of us has its own individuals because not all of us have same likeness and dislikeness we cannot stop them to yell if thats the way they talk there are too many people in this world we can't tell whats gonna happen next day or who's another stranger will you encounter just be yourself if don't like what you see what you hear etc. you've got your free will speak! Tell the truth being fair or unfair to others its base on the situation.
@faisai (1138)
• Hong Kong
3 Jul 09
Thanks for your reply. What I am trying to say is not about what one will do. It is the fact that somebody will dislike people doing something while they will just do those things exactly. For instance, there is a time when a friend of mine said that he hates others using foul languages.... only that he was using foul languages to say that.
@yugasini (12838)
• Anantapur, India
2 Jul 09
hi faisai, you are quite right, so while with public, we have to maintain decency, thank you