Cane/Lilly And Phillip/Nina

@leyisa (487)
July 2, 2009 11:16am CST friends..i'm really disturbed and confused about something...So Cane is suppose to be the real Phillip Chancellor, right (which we know he isn't). But anyways, that would mean that he would have to be the same age as the original phillip since they were supposedly born on the same Phillip and Nina were married and phillip died almost 20 years ago when he was in his 20's, right?? This was LOOOONG before the character of Lilly was ever, Cane comes alone and he is suppose to be the realy phillip....first of all, he doesn't look old enough to be the real phillip and secondly, even in his sharade, he is suppose to be in his 40's, right? since he was supposedly born on the same day as the original....yet he is married to Lilly who is in her early 20's...I dunno....the whole thing doesn't make sense to me....Cane and Billy look like they are very close in age (as i'm sure the actors are)...however, supposedly Cane is 20 years older, or atleast he should be if they want us to belive that he was born at same time as phillip...Help me out here...
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@stealthy (8188)
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2 Jul 09
Earlier they even came out and said that Cane was in his early thirties or something like that. I'm not sure they have said how old Philip is suposed to be but the show is always aging kids and making parents be younger so that it you compare them, you started getting characters as having kids when they were uner 10 so you just have to forget about comparing ages on soaps, it is a lost cause.
@coffeebreak (17816)
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4 Jul 09
Yeah they are aged crazily, but it seems they have the wrong generation... Jill married Phillip Chancelor (kathrines husband) they had a son, albeit switched at birth. Now Cane comes around and is claiming to be Jill's son..the one they switched. So if Nina married Jill's son Phillip... and Cane is (supposedly) Jill's son... that would be that Cane and Nina would have had to been married years ago and the two of them had a son named Phillip that is currently supposed to be in Iraq
@happy6162 (3009)
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6 Jul 09
they have shown the real phillip when cane talks to him and i do not think he looks like he is 40 years old. i think cane is just a friend of phillips and was doing him a favor by pretending to be jill's son.but because of nina's digging the truth has come out and i do not think lily will forgive cane and i'm not to sure what jill and katherine are going to think of phillip.
@echomonster (2227)
• Greenwood, Mississippi
2 Jul 09
Age on Y&R is so ambiguous I don't even worry about it anymore. In "real" time, Philip Chancellor III would actually be in his 30s. However, he was aged in the storyline to suit the writer's purposes at the time, then killed off, then much later presented as Cane, and now has been revealed to still be alive and not Cane. It's definitely a very confusing storyline.