my SEAT for WWW (Women, Weak, With Disability)

July 2, 2009 11:32am CST
I created a group, an online group and planning to build it in the mainstream to preserve kindness or to change the usual happening in our world today. People, specially men are ignoring our women and weak ones in public vehicles and other places. I always experience or see while i am standing in a bus or train that other guys ignore the women standing in front of them! Old people, pregnant woman and etc. Me, i always prefer to share my seat to the WWW (Women, Weak, With disability) Everyday of my life, when i'm riding at a bus, a train or even in a public place with seats on, i always look for WWW to share them a seat and make them feel good! Specially when they say, "Thank you!" It brings up a sudden great emotion coming from them and it really feels good. They'll smile at you and even remember you also as well. Please impose this in your preference or in your life! I know there are still lots of good people out there, They need it, some care and help! Our world is already a mess! Let us all help each other clean it! -Jhei™ ;-)
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