New to myLot (first post!)... A waste of time?

United States
July 2, 2009 12:10pm CST
Hello all, I'm a college student, obviously looking for some good conversation/discussions about the current state of our world as we know it. As I can undoubtedly see, many of you all are very educated and bestow great knowledge upon the rest of this 'myLot community'. However, the others who join, either to make some money (not a bad incentive for sharing your personal opinions) or just to waste some time, is this genuinely a website wherein one could waste their time, that could otherwise be spent doing productive things? I read an article on, wherein an article, the author stated "It was a waste of my time - and I've heard others say the same thing". What exactly are we trying to achieve with an open forum like myLot? Were the creators genuinely trying to promote worldly discussions between such a diverse group of people who decided to join? Why are there even 'cash incentives'? I'm actually really excited to learn more about this website, and am all for anything that promotes edification upon current affairs. I feel like I can also bring a lot to the community =) can't wait to learn more and hear what you all have to say.
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• United States
2 Jul 09
well hey there Gatorgirl. i think i remember you from Yuwie from way back. I really love Mylot and your right a lot of people do join purely for the aspect of money making. Its sad but true. now i wont lie...part of the reason i joined had to do with the money aspect, but on the other hand that wasn't my only reason for joining. I like to have intelligent conversations where i wont be cut off every 5 seconds to be told I'm wrong. I may very well be but i have to deal a lot of times with people in real life who wont even let me finish what I'm saying so that i can explain my logic on the matter. Here i don't get that interruption before i can say my peace and i like that. So its not really a waste of time. And if I can get something off my chest in the process and get some suggestions on how to deal with something that I am having trouble with in my everyday life then that's par for the course. Though i was drawn in by the idea of making money at the time, now im here for the conversation and knowledge. Ive learned about a few things here and discovered things i didn't know about. So yeah...i joined for the money i guess...but then stayed for the conversation.
• United States
2 Jul 09
Hi, Palmerhusky! =) I don't know what Yuwie is, but there was probably another gatorgirl on there that you may be confusing me with. Online forums were never really my thing, but I agree with you -- I think I will enjoy the aspect of being able to express myself without being interrupted =) That's really cool that you're learned about things, and discovered new things too- that's what I'm looking to do. Don't worry, I won't ever interrupt you! =)
• Philippines
18 Jun 10
hi there! it all depends on how you see your time's worth and what values you ought to engage it in. for some, fun is a value. if they have to invest money just to get it, they will still say, it was all worth it! :D here in mylot, there are a number of aspects that comes as a value to many. varied as they may be, but they be the judge if its worth their time and effort being here :D for some, its money. and there is a way to be "rewarded" for it. as to why mylot gives such incentive, one side of it is because there are people best drawn through it. (but ofcourse, there's the business aspect to all this) for some, the incentive is international friendship. like-minded folks tend to attract each other to themselves. people who find opinion sharing as a waste of time will naturally not appreciate the avenue and move away. but for some who are wired for it, find it the most fulfilling incentive - sans the monetary incentive. so i suggest you find out what incentive works best for you. what is the best use of your time personally? and see if it fits with what we all have here in mylot. having you as a friend is an incentive worth treasuring here in mylot! :D