What would be the alternative if cash system is not introduced?

July 2, 2009 2:26pm CST
Can u imagine a world without cash or currency...........it would be very difficult to get anything............what alternative do u think would be best?
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@rainmark (4302)
2 Jul 09
long time ago before the money was invented there was a barter. So i think without the money we can use the old way the Barter, exchanging goods.
@kykidd (6818)
• United States
2 Jul 09
I guess we would have to go back to the old barter and trade system. I remember days when our family would still do that. I think my brother still has a tendency to do a lot of trading. Back in the day he would have probably of been called a horse trader. We are kind of like that here on myLot. Except the only thing that we are trading is information. If someone comes in and comments on our discussions, we have a tendency to try and see if there is a discussion in which they have started that we can add our two cents. Sometimes I wished it would go back to those days.