The Goddess Circle - Rediscovering the Feminine Divine

@bang323 (102)
July 2, 2009 7:56pm CST
Let's start by looking at how we as women talk about other women. How many times do we criticise other women for being too fat, too thin, too pretty, not pretty enough, having cosmetic surgery or collagen/botox injections, not wearing the right/appropriate clothes, too much make-up, no make-up, hairy legs or armpits, being hair free, being the wrong role-models, having abortions, not breast feeding, working and raising children, not working and on and on it goes. All of these reactions are fear based. What's really happening here? Isn't it time we stopped telling women what to do with their bodies and their lives? How are we ever going to know our divine self if all we ever do is put each other down? It's time to stop. If we want better role models for our daughters, let's be better role models. The stronger we are as women, the stronger a female bond we build with the other women of our community and the more influence we have over the next generation. The way to make this all happen is to develop deeper understandings of who we are as women both as individuals and as a community. There is much concern in recent times at the problems of media-based role-models. Young women who are living lives that tend towards self-destruction or a lack of self awareness but are painted as glamorous by the media are swamping young girls lives through promotions and merchandising. Parents are faced with a new battle of how to deal with such overwhelming focus. The initial reaction has been to ridicule and attack these young women who, let's face it, just aren't coping to well with life. How would our daughters respond to us if rather than criticising these over-commercialised young women, we spoke of them with compassion and gentleness, talking of their struggle, lack of support and their difficulties rather than putting them down. This approach allows for open dialogue and exploration between generations, treating these women with care and respect and teaching girls how to look at them with a more discerning eye, whilst still loving their shoes, handbags and make-up! Women are communal beings. We are at our strongest when we build bonds of friendship between each other, when we see the sacredness of other women, even when they are at their weakest or least empowered. There is a rising movement in Western Society, reflecting what we are learning from other cultures and from the dark depths of our own ancestry, we are learning to build Women's Circles. Women have been gathering together in circle to celebrate birth, mourn death, heal, support and share since time began. It is our way and it is how we build community not only for ourselves and each other as women, but also for the men and children of our tribe. The weaving of circles allow for learning and sharing not only between peers, but across generations providing enriching and soulful role-modelling for all the ages. There will be more articles coming that focus on the rebuilding of the Feminine Divine, including creating and running women's circles. Also, at the website listed below, is a host of resources and information including MP3 meditations designed for the development of women's sacred relationships with their own Feminine Divine and each other. Please take the time to understand yourself in light of this sacred and wonderful aspect of Empowerment and Leadership.
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