What makes You upset the most? Share with me please..

July 3, 2009 2:58am CST
If my friend or soulmate is cheating on me....I can't imagine how disappointed me..
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@iamJuNe2 (50)
• Philippines
3 Jul 09
yeah...that would be so upsetting, being cheated. that must be the reason why i still cant get over being lied to and betrayed by my ex...it'll be a year now this july 12th that we broke up. and every single day since then he's never far from my thoughts. i really cant get over the fact that he lied to me a million times and cheated on me. the girl was from his workplace so it was really very convenient. he lied to me every single time i asked what he was doing or where he would be. sigh, i cant believe everything that he has done. we were supposed to celebrate our 2nd anniversary a month from when we broke up. now, looking at it back then, i laugh over the crazy things that i said and did to make him stay. but nothing compares to the amount of longing that i feel for him every now and then. at times, i miss him so darn much i cry my eyes out. and... nobody knows it but me... sigh but in the end, you know what? i suddenly remember why i hate him and why up until now i havent forgiven him. i heard they got married, i dont really know for sure. but if they truly are, then it's their business. ive learned to be more numb and insensitive after that's happened. oh well, life goes on. cant do anything about it. ^_^ i only live because im alive...
@Alize997 (190)
• United States
6 Jul 09
If my boyfriend cheated on me, because i love him so much. It would really hurt me.
@jlamela (4905)
• Philippines
4 Jul 09
The thing that makes me upset is when the person I took special care of rejected me. It was very humiliating and my heart sunk when I learned he didn't care a bit about me. It was very disconcerting that affected my self-esteem and confidence.
@Rafayel (54)
• Sri Lanka
3 Jul 09
i don do anything major in life, so i don realy get 'cheated'cheated. I do play games though, and lots of ppl try to cheat, but i prefer it, since that i can prove that even after cheating they can't beet me ^_^. But what i realy hate is, seeing animls bieng tortured, cruelty to animals, ppl beng unfair (realy hate that, everyone should be treated equally) and bad language ;