What is disheartening is all this superstition?

July 3, 2009 4:21am CST
Dear all, I cannot believe that people are actually taking Eclipse so seriously. Really, using Newtonian gravity to provide "proof" of the destructive properties of eclipses?? Why can't you people take eclipses for what they are - a mere optical phenomenon. It is a rare phenomenon, that is true, but that doesn't make eclipses any more harmful than a shadow - for that's what they are. I am not 'insulting' the science of India, or any other country. I am merely saying that superstition has no place in science. Just because a couple of rocks cast a shadow on another rock doesn't mean we are doomed. Aryabhatta knew that, by the way. I hope you agree that he was much smarter than you. Plus, he was an ancient Indian.
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• India
3 Jul 09
Hi, sunstar402. I agree very much with your views on the effect of eclipses on human life. Actually, you are right that eclipses are nothing but shadows and they don`t have the kind of impact as orthodox mind has supposed. But, I would like to add some points to your argument of Newtonian gravity. I am a student but a self researcher. Study general relativity and you will by mere commonsense find that presence of moon in the path of light coming from sun will deflect more long wave radiations towards earth than do normally come. So, at the time of eclipse, there are more chances of radioactive contamination, but not that way as the people generally suppose.