How to download movies

July 3, 2009 8:54am CST
hi myloters,,,,,,how can one download movies from internet using torrents? my friends say it is the best way. they also say something like seeds and peers in the torrent concept of downloading. So, people help me in understanding this. how the torrents can be read/
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• India
3 Jul 09
Your friend is probably right. Downloading movies from torrent is easy and you can find there nearly every movie. For this You need a torrent client software like utorrent, bittorrent, vuze, free download manager etc. Go to the site, search for your item, download .torrent files (in few KBs) from there and they will automatically be opened with your software or manually open it with your torrent software. Now the task is done, whenever you want it will download that file for you, with unlimited resume capability. Seeds are either the download servers or users who have already completely downloaded the movie. If they are uploading the movie also, they act as seeds.It is very much like others are sending you movies via mail. Peers(leechers) are users who are still downloading the file. From peers you can download that part of your file which they have downloaded. But, this process is automatic and you do not haveto worry about seeds or peers. Only thing you should consider is that there are at least some seeds from which the download is possible.