What do you usually do when you have a holiday?

July 3, 2009 11:07am CST
I am a college student.I have two long holidays,the summer holiday and the winter holiday.And some short holidays when we chinese have important festivals.In short holidays,I often stay with my famlily to celebrate the festival together.In the long holidays,I do some part time job,have travels with my friends,or learn something useful.I just want to make my holiday very substantial. So,what about you?What do you usually do to make your holidays very wanderful?
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• China
9 Jul 09
Hello .nice to meet you . I am a girl from china,I have just graduated from colledge ,now,a long holiday is very attractive to me ,I have to work six days a week ,so I offen waiting for sunday to have a rest ,when in colledge ,when i have a holiday ,sometimes I do some part time job,also ,i will travel with my friends and back home to visit my parents
• India
3 Jul 09
Hi, zycherry. I am currently enjoying my one & half month summer vacations. Except this time, my schedule remains very hectic. As you can guess, this vacation, I am doing a lot of myloting. Also, I am doing some other part time online jobs and watching movies, playing cricket etc. But, most part of my time is spent in programming (being a computer engineering student) as I am currently developing a 3 D racing game. I am also doing some blogging (http://sciencespot-thecreationist.blogspot.com and programmersparadise-thecreationist.blogspot.com). In short holidays like festivals, I also prefer to stay at my home and enjoy with my family.
• United States
3 Jul 09
When I have a holiday, I savor it!!!!! Every single minuite that is my own! Trust me when you have graduated from college and you have a job, responsibility takes over. Deadlines, reports, travel, e-mails, blackberrys, presentations, etc... It seems like it never stops. When I unplug from the office, I enjoy painting, writing poetry, cooking, watching a good movie and laughing until my stomach hurts. When the holiday is over, I am thankful that I have a job to return to, but I am always looking forward to the next holiday :) Have a great one!
@flyisky (196)
• China
3 Jul 09
Hi,zycherry. Nice to see you here. I`m a postgraduate student and always busy with my research. So my holiday is too short to enjoy, the only thing I wanna do is go home and stay with my parents. Sharing my experience in the past semester and having dinner with family, I feel satisfied with that. Have a wonderful day!