smokers and ciggerettes

United States
July 3, 2009 4:47pm CST
Think about it all these quit smoking programs no more smoking in public places and etc what happens when every one quits whats gonna happen to the tabaco industries and more people will be out of work I mean I am not worried but some might be what are your thoughts
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@bunnybon7 (44280)
• Holiday, Florida
4 Jul 09
not only that but in our country the economy is already bad and they dont seem to realise the taxes and revenue made here from smokers.
@marguicha (135921)
• Chile
3 Jul 09
I quit smoking a year and a half ago because I could not afford it anymore. I do wish some people would also quit doing things that are as terrible for our planet as smoking. Have you thought the damage people do by just putting on an A/C device to be "more comfortable" in their houses? And the damage done by mothers using disposable diapers? I was talking today to someone who was very happy because I invited her to eat a meal with some cholesterol (she is on a no cholesterol diet). I told her there was only one illness that will take us all to our deathbed: to be born. So, let´s be happy and do what we can without asking so much about what would happen if...
@LeavaoDe (349)
• United States
3 Jul 09
Hi. First I don't think that everyone is going to quit anytime soon. Even though there are quit smoking programs and bans on smoking in public places, etc people still find ways to smoke. The quit smoking programs don't work for everyone. I as a smoker can tell you that has been through a quit smoking program, kicking the habit is very hard. They provide you with counseling, patches, gum etc but sometimes it just doesn't work. I am allegric to patches and the gum. :( I am still trying to kick the habit, I'm down from one pack a day to half a pack by I slowly decreasing how much I smoke but I am having a hard time at it. Second, if everyone in the world stopped smoking the tabacco industries would suffer and something good and something bad would come of it...1. (Good) People of the world would be healthier and 2. (Bad) People would lose their job. Happy myLotting!!!
@SandraLP (26)
• United States
3 Jul 09
There is going to be a great drop is cig sales in a few months. Cigs are going to go up to 13 dollars a pack, so plenty of people will be quitting.