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@LeavaoDe (349)
United States
July 3, 2009 6:29pm CST
Good evening my fellow myLotters, I am experiencing the most hurrible noise right now. Don't get me wrong I love music but this is too much. Down the street from where I live a gentleman has his car stero blaring. It wouldn't be to bad if it had words to it. All this guy is playing is bass. So imagine having this pounding thumping noise of bass going throughout your house for the last two hours. Has this happened to you before? Would you consider that rude? I am happy that the houses aren't close together around here because I would have such a headache I wouldn't be able to be on myLot!!! LOL Oh well maybe he'll stop soon! Happy myLotting!!!
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3 Jul 09
Noice. My brother blasts music sometimes and all I can hear is the bass. To be honest, I'm not annoyed, I come up with my own rhythm to go with the bass sometimes. I do it instinctively too considering I'm a percussionist. I would consider it rude if I'm trying to sleep and my brother has blasted music before while I was trying to sleep.
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@LeavaoDe (349)
• United States
4 Jul 09
Hi. Thanks for commenting. The reason I thought it was rude was he lives down the street about 1/2 away from me and no where in my house was I able to get away from the bass. :( I was able to escape it by putting in my ear phones. I love bass but really if you can hear it this far away its a bit much. :) He left for work shortly after I posted the discussion so it turned out ok. Will have to see how tomorrow goes since its July 4th and I know he'll probably be having a party. Oh well just have to turn my music up a little louder. LOL Happy myLotting!!!