why should we reduce to decorate our house to void enterviomental pollution?

July 3, 2009 10:25pm CST
In recent years,more and more people bigin to decorate his own house,and as the increase of level of the lifestyle.Little imagine,decorate building not only wastes a lot of resources,but also bring the killers into the room.Let us look at the new houses are decorated in the existing health hazard exists--hidden:radon in building materials,insulation materials,cement products.The indoor air formaldehyde--common,cause the skin is sensitive,stimulate an eye and respiratory tract,adhesives,sponge furniture exists insulation materials,metope wood panelling,Volatile organic compounds,benzene,exists in decorate material,paints,varnishes and organic solvents,has more irritating and toxicity,can cause headaches,allergies,liver damage,even cause cancer.I addition,some still can cause excessive decorate weight-bearing and easy burning. Therefore,we should try to simplify decoration.so you can save resources,but also can avoid danger to take home.If you wat to decorate,also shoule try to use environmental protection building materals,and using green tree-cop to reduce indoor pollution.
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