love tongue-tied

@wings143 (133)
July 4, 2009 9:27am CST
how do you confess your feeling to the one you love? or will you court someone even if he/she is already tied up with someone else?
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• United States
24 May 11
If a guy/girl Already has a steady, then They are not available. But if they are free, the best way to say it Is to just Say it. It is so hard to be this open , this vulnerable but if the answer is yes , then you will have the greatest gift .
• Malaysia
5 Jul 09
really hard to express lo especially girl to boys i think i will choose to wait for the person after he/she oredi attached as i think i should not make others people unhappy as well as me the triangle relationship always make people hurt so why not waiting better than hurt ur own?
• Malaysia
5 Jul 09
If I feel like it's worth it (the person, having the relationship), I would definitely tell. So far there's only one past experience where I wasn't direct about my feelings, regretted that. I won't wanna repeat the same mistake again.
• Philippines
4 Jul 09
I tell her the truth in front of many people how much i love her how she captured my heart and change my whole being. It depends if he/she love the person he/she got tied of i will not court or bother them i'll pray for there happiness but if he/she is not truly inlove in person he got tied of i think i have a chance to court her hehe...