So... If you are young and expecting a child...

United States
July 4, 2009 9:54pm CST
You can definitely talk to me about it. I am about to turn 17, and I just had a beautiful baby boy. Everyone freaks when they find out that I am only 17, because everyone thinks that having a baby at this age means that you will be unhappy. That's not true. You can still have an amazing life. If anything, my son made my life so much better. And I'm not exaggerating. The one thing teen parents need more than anything is someone to talk to. If you are young and expecting a child, I am here to listen if you wanna talk.
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8 Oct 09
Congrates on the baby boy. I am 18 I have a 2 year old little girl. I was 16 whene I got pregnant with her. Everyone told me I was going to be unhappy and a unfit mothere becouse I am so young. I think I am doing good at raising my daughter. It dose not matter about your age becouse you could be 32 abd have a child abd be an unfit parent. It all depends on how mature you are. I am still with ther dad we have been together for 4 years. I hope the best for you and your little bundle of joy. Happy mylotting
@maximax8 (31166)
• United Kingdom
6 Jul 09
Congratulations on you having had your bouncing baby boy. I think you are a caring parent with lots of energy. You are going to have lots of years of enjoyment seeing your lovely son grow up. You are responsible and sensible. You can still enjoy your life and have amazing times. I know that teen parents can be excellent if they are mature like you. People's reactions are sad when they hear you are 17 years old. It is wonderful that you want to discuss teenage pregnancy and having a baby with other teenagers. I am in my thirties. I have just had a baby girl and she is adorable.
• Malaysia
5 Jul 09
COngratulations! A child is a gift from God, making people happy in so many ways. The public should stop that kind of negative stigma about having baby at a young age, because once you have a child, you should appreciate the child. They bring joy!