What?? An Eccentric Genius!! Leonardo Da Vinci. What do you think?

July 5, 2009 7:15am CST
Leonardo Da Vinci is referred to as a Genius. Still, another name is given to him and that is he was an eccentric character. Is the world correct in saying him eccentric if he was a genius? Maybe that`s what a genius is like. So, do those who are not genius deserve the right to call a genius as eccentric?Or he was not a genius at all?
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@yolak69 (55)
• Philippines
5 Jul 09
idealists are often called eccentrics, worst crazy. the world can't appreciate nor see what they see. their ideas changed the world. now if eccentricities can bring out the best in us and eventually help make this world a better place, then by all means call me crazy, call me eccentric, but i can change the world!!!
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• India
5 Jul 09
You seem to be a person of reason and determination. Keep up your spirit. Happy mylotting!!
• China
26 Aug 09
He definitely is a genius ,the archetype of the renaissance,unquenchable curiosity, and his power of invention,and he also dissected at least 30 corpses,like to wear pink,paint his bear colorful,and hate women,difinitely a eccentric too.