Wow only 100 more discussions for me...

July 5, 2009 8:27am CST
Hi friends on mylot. Hey i have reached 900 discussions. I only have hundred more to go to reach thousand. Isnt that cool or what? What happens next. Do i benefit in any way? Help me out here.
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@edmltw (287)
• Singapore
5 Jul 09
grats! i wish i knew.. hahaha i believe the only difference was the 500th post, where you can copy and paste information from the other websites! hope you find out soon. have a great day!
@mysdianait (65067)
• Italy
11 Jul 09
@ElicBxn (61148)
• United States
5 Jul 09
nah, you get all your perks by 500, but you get 4 digets beside your name and that looks really cool
• India
5 Jul 09
hey thanks, Yes i can imagine the look changes. As i see yours. It looks really cool. thanks
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@phifer (515)
• United States
6 Jul 09
congratulations on this. i cant wait until i reach that high of post. i know that after the 500 post mark you really don't get any thing after that. personally i think that you should get some thing for getting that high, but you don't. well hope that you stay on here and keep on mylotting.
@knrsekar (1009)
• India
5 Jul 09
I wish you to reach this mark within a week.But for me it may take a year as it took nearly 3 months to reach the 100 posts .My posts were deleted due to my harsh response to the most of the discussions.