Cotabato City Bomb Blast near Church! Five killed and Injured others

Fiery Clouds - Clouds of fire is a symbol of explosion of a bomb, grenades, or any materials that are similar to the way a bomb explodes. It is view like a rising fire, a loud thunder, a military drill which can make any person ears deaf.
July 5, 2009 9:29pm CST
I live here in the heart of Cotabato City. I am among the church goer who heard the mass on that sad fateful Sunday morning when a mortar bomb exploded. The sounds is very terrifying and a mass of white clouds embodies in the air, shrapnel compose of nails flew, the smoke and smell of death are everywhere. The people were on panic, crying, shouting, and many passerby run inside the church to make a cover. Many shrapnel or nails are flying. I kneel with my sister and avoid running. I heard the priest told us to keep calm and continued praying. We were still lucky, the bomb explodes in the middle of the mass and not after the mass. If ever it happen after the mass, I may become one of the victim, because I always walk beside the road where the bomb explodes. I thanks God that their were only few victims. I cannot imagine the number of people would be victims, if ever it happen after the mass. A mentally man got the bomb from a garbage can and exploded caused him to died instantly,together with the roasted meat owner. A teenage boy who happened to pass by the streets also died, including the Military personnel whose vehicles passed by the time the bomb explodes. It is not normal for us to witness a bomb explode within the city. Commonly mortal bomb is used by rebel when fighting the military outside the city premises. It really bring fears.I really condemn this things which targeted innocent people. We just want peace, Both Christian and moslem alike. If ever this happen to your places? What precaution will you do to protect yourself against this inhuman atrocity to innocent lives?
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@chaime (1153)
• Philippines
6 Jul 09
oh yes this is very sad news, plus a fact that there was a baby that was injured as well a 1 year old baby who is now fighting for his life i the hospital. I just hope that this type of bombings would stop and peace would reign.