dogs are freiends of human beings

@rocketsky (1013)
July 6, 2009 8:57am CST
in many parts of the world ,dogs are kept to help the blind and the deaf ,these people'life have been totally changed by dogs .when the blind want to across the street ,their dog friend can lead them to the right direction ,when they feel bored ,dogs will make them happy by being around . dogs are freiends of human beings
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• China
8 Aug 09
i love those lovely and tame my city ,more and more people keep dogs as a pet,especially for those whose children have grown up and left home.every evening you can see many dogs with their owners take a walk in the nearby is full of fun to watch those dogs chasing and playing .my mom keeps two dogs in the village,one is called Dahei,the other is Doudou.every time i go back ,i will take some bones to my sad,last time my father told me that Dahei was too old to eat big bones.what a bad thing to watch him get older and older.
@ptrikha_2 (44519)
• India
8 Jul 09
Yes dogs have been helping men ever since a very very long time . They are very loyal and are very good towards their masters. And protect their masters from many dangers of theft , physical assault etc .
@maximax8 (31058)
• United Kingdom
6 Jul 09
My older son went to a primary school and outside it I often saw future guide dogs for the blind. They were puppies that were being cared for before they started their training to become guide dogs. They were golden labradors which are a breed known for being clever and reliable. I know some people are allergic to the fur so they can use a labradoodle, a poodle crossed with a ladrador. I know some dogs can act like ears for the deaf. Dogs are man's best friend and I have two loving pet dogs of my own.
@Rafayel (54)
• Sri Lanka
6 Jul 09
I totally agree ^_^. Dogs are by far the most caring and helpful pet any one can have. For them, it's like they worship us. As the saying go's "The dog thinks, 'humans feed me, bathe me, praise me, they must be god', while the cat thinks, 'the humans feed me, bathe me, praise me i must be good". This saying maybe quite amusing, but i find it a tad bit incorrect. I would say that we are not god, but best of friends to our dogs ^_^
@Anandhh (389)
• India
8 Jul 09
yeah dude!!! dogs are really friendly creatures.....they will do whatever the we says....the only thing is that they must get proper training....!!i wont get bored playing with dogs....they are so friendly....!!:)