What is the first pc game you played?

Sri Lanka
July 6, 2009 10:08am CST
If my memory serves, the very fisrt computer game that I played was Stunt Rally. That was like soooo long ago. What was the first pc game u ever played? mention the one u remember most.
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• United States
2 Aug 09
Im not very sure if i remember this is my first real pc game i ever played but i can tell you my most memorable pc game. I would have to say Diablo 2 that game was really good RPG game. It had 3 different difficulties think it was normal nighmare and hell. I was majorly addicted to the game i would play for hours and hours and not know but ive finally quit the bad habit. :D
5 Aug 09
The first PC game I ever played was Age of Empire II and I loved it! Played it alot more than any of the new games around today but sadly AoE III just never filled the gap that AoE II left :(
@mrcccc (34)
• Italy
29 Jan 10
I really cant remember the first game, but i'm pretty sure it was Age Of Empires 2, it was so amazing, i enjoyed it a lot.mainly because i love strategic games :D and even Caesar, really nice game. Then i played gta and the need for speed series.
@cannior (29)
• Philippines
16 Sep 09
First PC game I've played was Pinball of Win98. It was realy nice to play but when WindowsXP was released and found out that pinball in XP is better than 98, I switched my OS to XP and right after I finished installing it, I played pinball. :D
• Mexico
14 Jul 09
the first pc game i played i dont really remeber the name but it was a 1st person shooter futuristic i loved that game but the 2nd game i remember playing was C&C red alert 2 and i love it i still play it i just love it i prefer C&C over age of empires i never liked AoE i always end up cheating and the thing i love about C&C is that there are no cheats.
@xenrey (32)
• Philippines
15 Jul 09
starcraft and counterstrike were such popular games in my country years back, I decided to try them and thats where I got addicted in playing pc games.
@Metabie (32)
• Belgium
9 Sep 09
My first game must have been Diablo 2 , and i still enjoy it today and i can't wait until the next part : Diablo 3 , durrr , comes out