What is the first online game u played?

Sri Lanka
July 6, 2009 10:14am CST
The very first online game that played was Flyff, and i'm still playing it. I started playing flyff 2 years ago, and still haven't stopped. Yeah, quite addictive. well, what the very first online game that u ever u played?
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6 Jul 09
I think the first online game I played was NeoPets... I still play it occasionally... I think it was my sister who got me into it... she has been playing for about... six years? She has had several different accounts, but at the moment, she has about two million NeoPoints (the NeoPets in-game currency).
• Sri Lanka
7 Jul 09
Nice, thank you for ur reply ^_^
• Morocco
7 Jul 09
i think the first online game i played and still play is delta force black hawk down as extrem its a good games really because its 100% action and the maps in wars are open and big after delta force there is counter strike and halfe life
@aulius111 (330)
• Australia
2 Nov 09
My first online game that I played was Runescape.
• Australia
2 Nov 09
I still play it now but definitely not as much, I used to be addicted :).
• United States
11 Jul 10
The first online game that I played was runescape. I think it was four years ago when my brother was addicted to runescape and was playing it whenever he had free time. Then he somehow convinced to open an account. It was very very addictive. I would be sitting in class and be thinking about when I would get out of school and be able to play runescape.
@borg246 (539)
• Malta
5 Dec 09
I used to play online games for a long period of time when I was young, but now that I'm older and more mature, I tend to find online games boring and pointless, especially those where you have to pay for more. The first ever online game that I ever played was Runescape. It was a game that all my friends played and so I ended up playing myself. Unfortunately, I got addicted to it for 3 years and I regret the money I spent on membership. After these 3 years, Runescape became certainly boring. I found World of Warcraft on the internet and I started playing that. I got addicted for 1 and a half years. Now I found World of Warcraft boring and since then I haven't played an online game.
@emploi38 (27)
• Canada
11 Dec 09
The first online game I have played was Everquest. I have played this game for many years. When Everquest II came out, me and some Everquest friends switched to that game. It's a good game.
@hristo95 (100)
• Bulgaria
11 Jul 10
The first online game I've played bg mafia says . I keep playing it today . I like the graphic and object of the game . Completed for a first prize , and this is my stimol game . You can find it on this addres : http://bgmafia.com/?affiliate_guid=300160807! .Try this game it will like you . I have play it since 2006. The game is good . Other online games who I play are : Ikariam , Xpr0 and Bitefight. Thank you for reading my commentar.
@cannior (29)
• Philippines
16 Sep 09
The first online game I've played was Ragnarok online which is a 2D MMORPG created by Gravity Development Team.
• United States
23 Jul 09
age of empires 2 for pc.....so many brain cells were killed playing that game lol
@jimeny (640)
• Israel
27 Jul 09
First game I played was second world, but I got bored really quick and went to search for something else. Then I found out about flyff, it was V6 at that time, and it was a really great game, so I stayed and played it for 2 years or so. I quitted flyff because I got hacked and the GMs did not respond to my e-mails... so I was like- what ever, and went to play perfect world instead.
@RockLii (18)
• Netherlands
11 Jul 09
Well, I have to admit that RuneScape was the first online game I played. But now I really don't like that. Right now I'm not gaming. Because of school and other things. A game I really do like is MapleStory. Most people say the graphics suck, but it's just my style. Everybody their own preferences. Anyway, I played a lot of MMORPGs. I also played Flyff and I think that game rocks! Keep playing! Hehe
25 Jul 09
The first online game i have ever played is runescape, ive played sence 2004 and still playing a hour or 2 here and there.
• Estonia
25 Aug 09
runescape.. yeah, I know and I am a bit embarrassed for stating that. But yeah, a few months, after the game came out - I started playing it and that was my first real mmorpg experience. It has been followed with games like Flyff, Knight Online, Ultima Online, Ragnarok, MU Online, Luna Online, Conquer Online, Risk your Life and many more... really, many many more. And in the end - i have been "faithful" to World of Warcraft for over 2 years (closing up on 3 soon) by now. So you can say, that I have played some MMORPGs in my time.
@Jso1020 (44)
• Canada
4 Oct 09
My first online game I played was tactical commanders which is now called shattered galaxy:)
• China
4 Oct 09
hello Rafayel, I played Super Mario brothers, it is the fist game that I played. It was interesting to see the Maio finally save the prince from the monster. I like this game very much, it is a pity that I don't have much time to pay now because business becomes busy.