Whats the first thing you look at on a boy or girl?

United States
July 6, 2009 7:51pm CST
and why? and whats the second? i look at the face. just because i liked to see how people look. because looks are important to me also because i think its just so cool that everyone looks so different. and everyone has different style. then i like to look at there hair because it gives me ideas of what i can do to mine.
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@CJscott (4195)
• Portage La Prairie, Manitoba
15 Aug 09
First when I meet them, whether it is formally or just on the street, I will look into their eyes for a few seconds. - Almost too long of a time really-. I really like to look at eyes, and it helps me to understand them better. It also helps them to remember me, because I did something different then everyone else they met that day. I always look into your eyes when you talk to me as well. I listen better that way. Second I think I look at their figure. Guy or girl. And just try to take note of any outstanding features that will help me to remember their name. Or to help me be able to quickly describe them to someone else. Cheers.