Lil' Wayne's next baby momma.........

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July 6, 2009 7:59pm CST
Is he trying to top James Brown or ODB record with the baby mommas? How many kids can I have before I die? I mean who sleeps with this man anyway just b/c...............He is not cute but his wallet is I know ladies but damn do we have to make babies with him? How many kids has he had in the last year like 3 right? and Please tell me Lauren London os not pregnant by him......plz tell me it's not true.....
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8 Jul 09
I saw her picture on one of gossip sites that I go to alot but i didn't know she could be HIS baby mama. She could have done much better than that true he has a lot of money but OMG..she should have done much much better.
@maezee (38195)
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7 Jul 09
Who knows. I don't know why a lot of these rappers have to have so many kids. It's like a right of passage almost. and LOL I agree with you on that one. lil wayne is NOT cute at all. I can imagine why girls might like him - because he's a multi-millionaire, which is really sad for them. I guess those girls might be thinking, well, hey, if I have a baby with him - I'm for sure going to get some money out of him. It's pretty sad. How many kids does he have now? I guess I'm really sheltered when it comes to this stuff, because when I learned T.I. had FIVE kids I freaked out. Could you imagine having FIVE kids?! Jeezz.