for young couples live in different cities ,is it easy for you ?

July 6, 2009 9:23pm CST
i just graduated from niversity ,as the finacial crisis comes ,jobs r not easily found ,so my girlfriend and i goes to the bad situation ,we live in different cities because of job . i often miss her ,she is amazing ,i would think of many scenes ,times we spent together ,we we in relationsship 1 year ago ,we were always together in school ,now i feel it is so hard if she is not acompany ,at the same time i cant go to her city ,coz ,i am having a good job ,and i think i will have promising future . have you guys in the same situation with me , what is your choice?
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@maezee (41528)
• United States
7 Jul 09
I would imagine that it can't be easy. I've dated guys in cities that were 30 miles away or so, though, and we managed to make it work for a while. And it wasn't the distance that made us drift apart- it was just differences and different goals in life, more specifically. I think you could make it work if you really wanted to. It's not that tough. Then again, I'm a firm believer in SEEING the person that you're..seeing, and I couldn't imagine having a relationship where you don't ever SEE and physically BE WITH your partner. Different people are capable of different things, though. I think you should continue to try to make things work. Do the long-distance relationship thing if you have to; it sounds like you really like her and you shouldn't give her up just because of.. geographical differences.
• China
7 Jul 09
thank you for share feelings with me and give me advice,i will try harder to earn more money , if i am financial strong enough , ican let her live in the city where i live ,the thing is we all working for money , i believe that i can manage to do it ,this is the only way ...