Teachers must treat this group of "bull"

July 7, 2009 12:19am CST
According to magazine reported that since september of this year,sichuan,chongqing,more than two countied and cities,have emerged one after another primary and secondary shcool teachers"strike"incident,teachers struggle to take a variety of flexible ways to express their treatment is too low,dissatisfaction with the living conditions of distress. Collective resistance to the teachers of the subject is not complicated;In accordance with the current"Teacher"and "compulsory education law"stipulates that teachers salaries should not be less than the average level of local civil sarvants.With a comprehensive treatment of civil servants in recent years,continuous improvement,is just marking time for teachers to reduce of even treatment,far less than the local average wage of civil servants,only half or one third of the former.Wanges are too low so that teachers,especially teachers in poor rural areas,in the "young teachers themselves.middle-aged teachers home,""at least not in society;s respect,very depressed,"the embarrassing position. As education in the tradition of st.under the influence of industry,so that teachers back to students,from the rostrum,is obivously a great choice. Determined even if ,as the bottom of society intellectuals specific reason and conscience,but also so that they are destined to take a relatively moderate,restrained way.Participation as a "strike"the teacher said:"as teachers,we can not use violence,but also a clear breach of national law can not,so we decided to adopt a non-lectures,assignments do not allow students to study ways to protest,for the Governmentand the news media's attention." However,teachers struggle and efforts,some local government officaials do not seem to mind the ides.The leadership of a district in chongqing will be publicly stated that the Board of education;Teachers must have didication,"should be eaten on the grass,squeezed out of the milk should be";"Tenachers are the envy of civil servants,have the ability to go test,not capable." Seniro civil servants such as contempt,"not competent"shoulder to shoulder with their teachers association,there really is something,unfortunately,the local teachers;withe such a rudimentary sense of character and one of the officaials in charge of education,it is sad to local education;and the community to give credit to the teachers and teachers to self-motivation of the "old yellow,"the spirit of local officaials has forced teachers to become a "sacrifice"an excuse,it is the nation's desecration of the traditional mandarin. Chinese society'straditional respect for teachers has long been know,but the teacher has never been an excellent professional treatent.Decent but not superior to the basic economic status,and by the official,non-governmental advocacy of respect for the teaching profession the same tradition,whith ist own sacred significance of education and encouragement of self-identity,supporting teachers constitute the fulcrem of the stability of the spiritul world,the fulcurm of any one of them the collapse,the reality is bound to lead to the survival of teachers and the spiritual world of the plight of the tilt.And we are seeing is that at one time in braking the"dignity of the teaching profession"tradition of respecting teachers,under the sloagan of the man-made cut,together with the teachers in the treatment of long-term loans,has led to the social evaluation of the teaching profession is rapidly declining,the three stability fulcrum of the two has been basically the fall.As for teachers to self-identity,self-motivation and dedication,the spirit of the old cattle have been difficult to sustain the spiritual world from teachers. Therefore,the development of national education for the urgent needs of the economy will be the treatment of teachers to gradually inctease the average level of social and occupational groups,the reconstruction of the dignity of teachers,it is particularly urgent.This is also a form of national legislation to protect teachers in the treatment group,"no less favorable than the average wage of civil servants"of the mind.This is also in sichuan,chongqing and other places teachers at the heart in the difficult struggle to make a "strike"the root causes of action.For the national economy in the treatment of statutory behind groups of teachers to restors to restore the dignity of self-salvation. Of particular importance is the participation of "strike"of teachers,are pelatively poor aresas of rural teachers.Teachers in the whole group,thery are the most missed the exchange of the various interests involve in the education sector,so most public property,but also the most poor,pure groups.Only allow them at the national,social support,access,to basic decent life and respect for the community ,the government sought to sue educational resources to the economic interests of the attack,in order to gain legitimacy.Otherwise,while not in accordance withe the law"to support"law-0abiding teachers,a strike lilegal and"self-support:of teachers,teachers from the departent will be why? It should be noted that,inspite of sichuan,chongqing two teachers"strike"in order to conduct flexible manner,but the "strike"will continue to conduct normal school teaching students the order and cause harm,so no way should be encourage.The demands of the interests of teachers,it should be more open and effective channels of expression,but also the Government should be more timely and positive response and resolutionl.Teachers can continue to"lod yellow"form the status,the sate and society must treat these"cattle",as they squeezed out the "milk",is indeed related to the mental health of our nation.
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