What is/was the name of your first dog?

Sri Lanka
July 7, 2009 3:36am CST
The name of my first dog is Brandy. I have no idea why i called her that, i was only 9 at the time. What's the name of your first dog?
2 responses
• India
7 Jul 09
the name of my first dog is Marita. she is a labrador. shes is just soo sweet and lovely. i enjoy having her around me. shes only a year old . very naughty too. greeting everyone who comes to our house. everyone likes her. she is the apple of the eye for our family. lifting the mood in the house when she is around.
• Nepal
7 Jul 09
OH what a co incidence My dog name is Marita too but she is not my first dog. She is sweet and always takes me for a walk every morning and evening. Really she takes me for a walk not me.
• United States
9 Jul 09
My husband and I were stuck on the letter S. (We have gone through many animals in our home) My husband named our first dog, which was a chiwahwa Sox, cause she was brown all over except her legs, really looked like she was wearing socks.